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Preferred Caterers


Kawartha Wholesale Bakery

Kawartha Wholesale Bakery

2 Commerce Pl, Lindsay, ON K9V 5Y4

The Kawartha Wholesale Bakery is open 7 days a week and they bake everyday fresh. You can buy 1 single bun to hundreds of dozens of delicious freshly baked pastries. Contact us for all your party catering or any function food trays.

Charmin’s Wholesome Foods

153 Kent St
W Lindsay

Mother & daughter restaurateurs and caterers who love to feed our community with locally sourced ingredients. We prepare and deliver individual and family meals, cater events both large and small, as well as operate a restaurant— all without sacrificing even half a teaspoon worth of cooking quality. With more than 20 years of experience, we work with our team to serve delicious food and feed our community. Charmin’s Wholesome Foods Catering & Meals is all local, all the time, and organic when available. Taste for yourself when you order with us today

Fresh Fuell

172 Angeline St N

Family is what fuels us! Everyday we aim to be great parents, children, siblings, friends, and good people in our community. We all lead busy lifestyles and here at Fresh FueLL we want to ensure you are fuelled up to face and conquer your day!

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